F1 Drinkwater Princess Miley

Miley is a gorgeous girl.  She has a stunning buttery-yellow coat with bold black spots, dark tear stains, a black smudgy nose, short tail and long legs.  It’s obvious she took after her father, the serval.  She loves to get attention, but only on her own terms.  She also enjoys playing with feather wands and going outside.  Miley is most happy when she is with the other cats and is always very affectionate towards them.  We can’t wait to see the kittens Miley produces!


F2 GettaSavannah Lily

Lily is a total love bug and beauty queen.  She loves to weave between your legs, purr, and give head butts.  She doesn’t like being held for too long because she ALWAYS wants to play.  If she sees a feather wand, she is going to get it.  She is a hunter for sure.  She can jump the highest out of all of our cats and will play for hours.  She loves lounging around the house and is happiest when she is with Liam, he’s her pal!


F2 LavishSavannahs Eevee

Eevee is both mischievous and playful.  She loves making biscuits, giving head butts, and sitting on my shoulder.  She will play and love on anyone she meets. Her bold spots, big ears and beautiful black spots make her quite the looker.  She is a total sweetheart and is always purring.  We feel so fortunate to have her as our Queen.  She will be ready for breeding in 2023.